We specialize in GiT, Gerrit and SCM consulting and Full Stack Python Development

Release Engineering – simplified

In software engineering Configuration Management (CM) is a crucial function and often neglected. Research shows that about 60% project cost is overrun due to ineffective CM process.

We help you to implement, streamline and support your SCM infrastructure in cost efficient way and sustainable ecosystem.

We support Gerrit, Gitolite and Atlassian stash based GiT installations and AOSP based Release Engineering setups.

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GiT/SCM Practice

We offer SCM systems implementation, re engineering and process implementation around a distributed version control system (DVCS) GiT.

We have established very strong SCM Practice in GiT and actively support deployments in Gitolite, Gerrit and Atlassian Stash.

We have multiyear experience in other SCM systems like Subversion and IBM Rational Clearcase and provide service to migrate from legacy SCM systems to GiT.

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DevOps and Cloud Practice

Small and micro enterprises uses tools hosted in cloud like bitbucket and github while big ones a mid sized companies prefer to host GiT inhouse.

We support Public and Private cloud consulting for leading clouds like AWS, GAE. Google Compute and IBM Softlayer.

For cloud based companies DevOps extends to deployment automation and we have established practice cloud automation around AWS stack and GAE.


Version Control Systems (SCM) are specifically designed softwares to save source code (typically text files) in a reliable and auditable fashion. Any SCM tool must have ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Independent and Durable) properties.

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Software Build Management is another discipline of software engineering where a dedicated person / job retrieves code snapshot from your SCM system. This typically involves Static Code Analysis, obfuscation, Compilation and packaging.

Goal of Build Engineering is create repeatable builds each time build is done on same code snapshot.

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Software Release Management is a process where final / interim product is either published on FTP site or sent to create CDs (Release to manufacturing – RTM) or deployed on cloud. In this process generally release notes, documentation, licensing and other legal aspects are taken care.

There are situations where you need to deliver emergency patches and service releases, this is typically called as Patch Management.

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Although terms (Release and Configuration) Management are interchangeably user it has different significance. In Configuration Management discipline typically source code organization, dependency management and Access Control is taken care.

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In any software engineering Continuous Integration (CI) of some form is really necessary to catch defect and product malfunction early. This help companies to save billions of $ on software rework and delays.

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With growing adoption of various IASS and PAS services like AWS, GAE and heroku it is necessary to extend release engineering process to deploy version of application with minimal disruption.

Most platform gives their own SDKs and API to automate deployment.

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